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Jul 23, 2017

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This Fashion Blogger Is Dismantling The Stereotype Asian Women Cant Be Curvy

There was a point where I even wanted to gain more weight to be even curvier but to Asian eyes, I’m definitely considered a “big girl”. It’s kind of tricky for me because I’m shapely but yet have a small waist, but never have considered myself as fat regardless of how often I’ve been called that or shamed for it. Yes, I am constantly being told that I need to lose weight to be pretty or to look better in my clothes and I should consider just how much more pretty I could be if I just was slimmer. I don’t ever listen to it simply because I did not grow up with these insecurities people tried to force onto me. It is now very easy for me to shrug off the negative and hurtful body shaming comments I receive and while that may have been difficult to hear at one point, I’m totally over เสื้อครอบครัว สวย ๆ it now. When people ask how, I always say it is because I like the person I see in the mirror, inside and out. Once you realize self-love is the most important thing you can give yourself, society’s idea of what beauty should be will no longer affect you. Self-love and self-confidence are really key in this situation. “There’s no need to let others convince you that you are not beautiful because they are unhappy with how you look — the only person whose opinion matters is your own!” I know it can be quite difficult to achieve this inner confidence, so the first step is to sit down and honestly point out all the things about yourself that you dislike, whether it be a physical or personality trait. You then have to decide if it is something you dislike so much that you need to change it, or if it is something you can live with and learn to accept. Either of these choices will lead you into a better mentality overall because you will know you consciously made the decision on your own to either improve it or to live with it and accept it; both of which are decisions you chose to make.

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Miss Amazing fashion show helping young girls and women with disabilities feel beautiful Miss Amazing fashion show helping young girls and women with disabilities feel beautiful An organization is helping young girls and women with disabilities feel more confident and beautiful. The Miss Amazing fashion show in Kearney on Saturday doubled as a fundraiser for the organization. "Because it needs to get out there to the girls that have disabilities to help them feel confident," Fashion show contestant Misty Anderson said. "Miss amazing is an organization for girls with disabilities, they can go on stage and be who they are without anybody judging," Jordan Fitzgerald said. As the young girls strutted their way down the catwalk, many of them are feeling เสื้อ แก๊ง ค์ โดน ๆ more beautiful than ever. "I do feel beautiful in this dress, but you know makeup and dresses doesn't make you beautiful, it’s your personality that does, and that's really cool and what we focus on here at Miss Amazing is your personality," Fashion show contestant Koli Jirous said. JCPenny’s and Old Navy took care of dressing up the girls, meanwhile other stylists did their hair, makeup, and nails. The girls said they felt fierce, flawless, and more fabulous than ever

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